121 January 2020BJMP-DHRD-MC-86Learning and Development (Designing Learning and Development Interventions)
221 January 2020BJMP-DO-MC-87Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRm) in BJMP, Providing a National Framework and Creating for this Purpose DRRM Committees in the NHQ, Regional and Jail Levels)
321 January 2020BJMP-DHRD-MC-88Human Resource Development Council (Renaming the Personnel Developmnet Committee(PDC) to Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) and Establishing its Policies, Guidelines and Procedures)
407 January 2020BJMP-DL-MC-89Guidelines on the Policy on Preparation, Implementation and Utilization of Funds for Infrastructure Projects (Requiring the BJMP-NHQ and all Regional Offices to conduct detailed Engineering study and include the Budget for Administrative overhead to the total infrastructure proJects cost prior to the request for all allocations of funds)
508 February 2020BJMP-DHS-MC-90Policy on BJMP fitness Program (Comprehensive Procedure and Guidelines in the Conduct of Physical Ability Test for Entry Level Applicants, Career Courses and Promotion)
608 February 2020BJMP-DHS-MC-91Comprehensive Policy on the Selection, Deployment and Reassignment of BJMP Psychologist/Psychometricians
708 February 2020BJMP-DPD-MC-92Standard Operating Procedure on Policy Development Cycle (Formulation and Development of Policy and its Monitoring and Evaluation)
828 February 2020BJMP-DPD-MC-93Revised Standard Operating Procedure on Mechanics for the Granting of Rewards for the Recovery of Escapees
927 March 2020BJMP-DHS-MC-94Policy on BJMP Fitness Program (Programs for the Promotion of Health and Well-being of BJMP Personnel
1016 June 2020BJMP-DICTM-MC-95ICT Infostructure and Equipment Repair and Maintenance (Procedure in Repair and Maintenance of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) for Information and Communications Technology)
1121 July 2020BJMP-DWD-MC-96Treatment of PDL with Special Needs (Treatment of Persons with Disability)
1221 July 2020BJMP-DPRM-MC-97No Gift Policy in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (Guidelines of the "NO GIFT POLICY" for Jail Officials and Employees of the BJMP)
1321 July 2020BJMP-DDHS-MC-98BJMP Mental Health Program(Guidelines in the Creation of BJMP Personnel Mental Health Helpline)
1421 July 2020BJMP-D0-MC-99BJMP Drug Free Workplace Policy(Mandates the Establishment and Institutionalization of the BJMP Drug Free Workplace Policy, Prescribes the Guidelines in the conduct of Drug Testing and Provides Sanctions for Violation hereof)
1521 July 2020BJMP-DPRM-MC-100BJMP Minimum Deployment Standards(Guidelines and Procedures on the Effective Implementation of BJMP Minimum Deployment Standards)
1603 June 2020BJMP-DPRM-MC-101Probationary Period(Guidelines Governing the Probationary Period of Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Personnel of the BJMP as Supplemental to the Approved Agency Merit Selection Plan (AMSP)
1730 September 2020BJMP-DPD-MC-102Performance-Based Bonus for Fiscal Year 2020 (Prescribes the General Guidelines on the Grant of PBB to BJMP 21 Delivery Units for Fiscal Year 2020)
1813 October 2020BJMP-MC-102Doctrine of Comand Responsibility of Regional Directors, Jail Provincial Administrators and Jail Wardens(Guidelines on the Level of Accountabilities of Regional Directors, Jail Provincial Administrator and Jail Wardens on Jail Incidents)
1915 October 2020BJMP-DC-MC-105Standard Operating Procedure on Travelling Expenses and Allowances for Officia Local and Foreign Travels of BJMP Personnel(Prescribing Rules and Regulations of Expenses and Allowances of BJMP Personnel for Official Local and Foreign Travels)
2028 October 2020BJMP-DWD-MC-106Food Service Management(Revised Standards on Food Service Management, as amended 2020
2110 November 2020BJMP-DHS-MC-107Management of Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) among Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in all Jail Facilities
2218 November 2020BJMP-LSO-MC-108SOP on PDL Disciplinary Board and Proceedings
2325 November 2020BJMP-LSO-MC-109Detection,Prevention, and Handling of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2426 December 2020BJMP-LSO-MC-110Coupon in Jail Commissary Transactions (Prescribes the Guidelines and Procedures in the Proper use of Coupon in Jail Commissary Transactions)
2526 December 2020BJMP-DPRM-MC-111Organization Structure of BJMP Jail Units (Prescribing the New Organization setup, together with Designations and its respective Duties and Responsibilities, for all BJMP Manned Jails Nationwide
2630 December 2020BJMP-HS-MC-112Guidelines on Medical, Nuero-Psychiatric and Dental Evaluation (Precribes the criteria for the conduct of Medical, Neuro-Psychiatric and Dental Evalution for Recruitment, Promotion and Training of BJMP Personnel
2722 December 2020BJMP-DPRM-113Virtual Interview in BJMP (Guidelines Governing Virtual Interview by the SOHRMPSB,NHRMPSB,RHRMPSB and other HUman Resource Related Interview in BJMP)