After an orientation and submission of requirements for accreditation, the service providers, in mutual desire to improve the living conditions to promote the well-being and effective rehabilitation of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in jails, the Signing of Marketing Agreement between BJMP-CAR and Individual and Group Service Providers in CAR commenced on July 14, 2022. The said activity was spearheaded by the Regional Director, JSSUPT ROLAND LEE N CAEL, attended by JCINSP PAUL M BALAG-EY, Chief, Legal Service Section, JCINSP APRIL ROSE W AYANGWA, Chief, Regional Welfare and Development Division, JSINSP BARTOLOME B TRESMANIO, Chief, Regional Intelligence Division, JINSP ERLINDA A LAS-EGAN, Chief, Regional Community Relations Service Section, thirteen (13) accredited service providers/stakeholders, Jail Wardens and 111 WD and CRS personnel regionwide via zoom platform.

Due to the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, only three service providers were able to join the MA Signing physically at the Regional Office. Meanwhile, the other service providers witnessed the signing ceremony through Zoom.

In his message, Fr. Kenart Titiwa from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippine (CBCP) stated his thanks to the bureau for defending life, respecting human dignity and human rights of the PDL, and for giving them hope with their families for a better life, for a better chance and change of life. The CBCP will and shall always volunteer its services to the BJMP. Likewise, Rev. Rowena Orajay from the Jesus Reigns Ministries stressed that the activity is a reflection of the mission, vision, core values, and mantra of the Bureau. She assured the bureau of their organization’s full commitment.

Further, the service providers namely conveyed their appreciation for the initiative of BJMP-CAR on their accreditation. BJMP-CAR continuously encourage other service providers to apply for accreditation and eventually enter into a MOA with the bureau.